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Green Funeral

Joseph L. Greenwell Funeral Home was founded in 1969 by Joseph L. "Sonny" Greenwell Jr. and his wife, Julia Ann Cambron Greenwell, "Judy" died in Jan of 1997. The location they chose was a home originally built in 1896 by a local family. The home has undergone many additions, and several remodels to enhance its appearance and modernize the facility, but strives to maintain the feel of the original architecture. Sonny and his family lived in the funeral home until 1996 when they purchased a home adjoining the property, and moved there, still enabling him to have instant access to the business to provide immediate service to his families. The home still maintains living quarters in the upper level. Sonny still owns and manages the on going business of the Funeral Home, and along with his wife, Carolyn organize and facilitate each and every Funeral Service they do.


Our Staff


Tina Skaggs - Funeral Home Associate

Stephanie Hughes - Funeral Home Associate

Guyula Johnson - Funeral Home Associate